BugBox project is supported by Norway Grants Green ICT programme

BugBox project (EU53351) „Preliminary studies for developing automatized insect powder rearing system“ is supported by Norway Grants Green ICT small scheme programme, aiming to stimulate and develop innovation-led long-term business cooperation between Estonia and Norway.

The implementation period is 01.07.2019 – 31.10.2019

BugBox OÜ projekt (EU53351) “Eeluuringud arendamaks automatiseeritud kilgijahu tootmise süsteemi” on toetatud Norway Grants Green ICT väikeprojektide programmi poolt, eesmärgiga ergutada ja arendada innovaatilisi pikaajalisi ärisidemeid Eesti ja Norra vahel. Rakendusperiood on ajavahemikus 01.07.2019 - 31.10.2019

BugBox project (EU53924) „Development of a fully- automated edible insect mass rearing and production technology􏰟“ is supported by Norway Grants Green ICT main programme in sum €760 000, the main goal is to develop a fully automated edible insect mass rearing and production technology, which enables to upscale the environmentally responsible production of insect-derived products. The aim of current Green ICT project is to develop the self-learning IT-platform with sensors which are core components of fully automating the insect mass rearing and production process.

The implementation period is 01.08.2020 – 30.09.2021

BugBox OÜ projekt (EU53924) “Söödavate putukate masskasvatuse tehnoloogia ja tarkvara arendamine” on toetatud Norway Grants Green ICT põhiprogrammi poolt summas €760 000,  mille eesmärk on arendada täisautomaatne söödavate putukate masskasvatus- ja tootmistehnoloogia, mis võimaldab suurendada putukatest saadud keskkonnasäästlike toodete tootmist. Green ICT projekti eesmärk on arendada iseõppivat IT-platvormi koos sensoritega, mis on põhikomponendid täisautomaatse putukate masskasvatuse ja tootmise protsessis. 


This project will be implemented together with our Norwegian partner

Prediktor Instruments


Contact person: Mari-Ann Akerjord Mari-Ann@prediktor.no



BugBox will host an introductory virtual event on 15.th of April at 13:00, where we talk more about the Green ICT programme and how it has been beneficial for us. 

Green ICT Project Manager
Pirke Prii

BugBox received also EAS innovation voucher grant (EU53689) to develop innovative B2C products with TFTAK - healthy morning crisps including cricket powder.

BugBox Ltd  has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No SMEINST-888862


BugBox Ltd. - Estonia
Insect Biomatrix Lda - Portugal

Erlend Sild

CEO & Founder



+372 510 0889

skype: erlendsild


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If you want to read more about our project, our ideas and future plans download our presentation below.

BugBox Ltd projects are supported by Norway Grants Green ICT programme, EAS innnovation grant & the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme

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