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Deep-tech company developed industrial, modular and fully automated insect farming technology for sustainable protein production 

reducing over
200 MT/CO2

zero waste

AI powered 


Market of high quality insect powder products is growing rapidly and demand for animal protein ingredients is high. Our industrial, efficient and scalable technology allows to produce high-quality ecological and sustainable proteins in large quantities

Fully automated processes are controlled by our own software which has been built inhouse and takes into account the best knowledge gained over the years about insect breeding. Software, that runs all rearing processes, is self-learning and uses AI to make better suggestions and decisions - that is the key differentiator and helps our clients to achieve more efficiency over time.

We deliver industrial efficiency at an affordable price for every entrepreneur to make insect rearing as simple and widely available as possible.

Our mission is to make the production of animal proteins permanently sustainable and thereby improve our living environment, tackle with climate change and reduce ecological footprint of common farming.

Our goal is to become the world's largest technology provider in the industry by 2030, so that we can impact both the CO2 footprint and deforestation by achieving our business goals.

We work all over the world

Our work takes us from Europe to North-America to Asia & to Africa.


We are currently administrating in Estonia, Finland, Portugal, Uganda and looking to expand to many more countries.

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